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Total Medals Earned: 120 (From 22 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,285 Points

Last Town

Medals Earned: 3/6 (100/250 points)

Fortune 25 Points

Earn 30 coins

Partisan 25 Points

Buy all the farmer upgrades

Cleanse 50 Points

Kill 300 zombies

Fortress 25 Points

Put one point into each town perk

Prosperity 25 Points

Earn 25 gems

Ozymandias 100 Points

Beat the game

League of Evil

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/135 points)

Stargazer 5 Points

Get three stars from 15 missions

Junior shareholder 5 Points


No more scientists 25 Points

Complete all 40 levels

All your briefcase are belong to us 50 Points

Collect all briefcases

Champion of everything 50 Points

Get three stars from all missions

Leave Cthulhu Alone

Medals Earned: 15/15 (280/280 points)

Bomb a Shield 5 Points

You have destroyed a shield with Professor Bomb!

Level 1 5 Points

You have completed the first and easiest level!

Lunatic Fringe 5 Points

You have made a Monster Loonie!

Mystic Moider 5 Points

You've killed with the mystic!

Professor Bomb 5 Points

You have slain with the Professor Bomb!

Cop Bat 10 Points

You have poisoned someone with cop bat!

Level 10 10 Points

You are getting into the nitty-gritty!

Rival Schooling 10 Points

You've killed a Rival!

Close Call 25 Points

You have killed an invader in the ritual chamber!

Level 20 25 Points

You are way deep in it now!

Maniac Cop 25 Points

You've taken out a cop with a lunatic!

Rival Meets Lightning 25 Points

You killed a Rival with a Mystic Monster!

Shield Slapper 25 Points

You've taken out a shield with a Detective Monster!

Rival Love Tap 50 Points

You killed a Rival with a Detective Monster!

WINNER 50 Points

You have completed the game! Amazing!

Level Up!

Medals Earned: 4/13 (30/390 points)

Gem Collector 5 Points

Collect 100 Gems.

Time Waster 5 Points

Play to day 7 and beyond.

Gem Hoarder 10 Points

Collect 400 Gems.

Moving the Mail 10 Points

Find all the checkpoints in the level.

Gem Connoisseur 10 Points

Collect All Giant Gems.

Dashing Course Legend 25 Points

Beat the Super Dashing Course in under 25 seconds.

Fountain of Knowledge 25 Points

Fill out every entry in the Codex.

Gem Addict 25 Points

Collect every Red Gem on the Level.

Mad Skills 25 Points

Buy every skill.

Grinding Maniac 50 Points

Max out every single level type.

Heartbreaker 50 Points

Defeat Nightmare with only 1 LOVE level.

Insomniac 50 Points

Complete the game without ever sleeping.

Obsessive 100 Points

Get 100% completion.

Medieval Shark

Medals Earned: 4/18 (40/240 points)

Castle 10 Points

Destroy the Castle

Cathedral 10 Points

Destroy the Cathedral

Royals 10 Points

Kill the royal family

Sea Snakes 10 Points

Kill the sea snakes in under 7 seconds

Air Ship 10 Points

Crush the air ship in under 4 seconds

Archers 10 Points

Kill 25 Angel Archers

Dragon 10 Points

Kill the dragon in under 7 seconds

Dragon Worm 10 Points

Kill the Dragon Worm in under 6 seconds

Fishes 10 Points

Kill 500 fishes

Kraken 10 Points

Kill the Kraken in under 7 seconds

Pirates 10 Points

Kill the pirates in under 3 seconds

Ships 10 Points

Crush 175 ships

Treasures 10 Points

Find 10 treasures

Unicorns 10 Points

Kill 20 Unicorns

Bats 25 Points

Kill 200 bats

Harpies 25 Points

Kill 22 Harpies

Hydra 25 Points

Kill the hydra in under 8 seconds

Musicians 25 Points

Kill 70 angel musicians

Portal Defenders

Medals Earned: 9/23 (65/540 points)

Big Fuzzy Hug 5 Points

Defeat BigFuzzyKitten.

Exasperated 5 Points

View the game walkthrough.

First Blood 5 Points

Hit your first enemy.

Jump-Man 5 Points

Press the jump button to take flight!.

Chamber Maid 10 Points

Defeat Mindchamber.

Fishmonger 10 Points

Defeat Psycho-Goldfish.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Konami 5 Points

Toggle Halloween Mode on or off.

ZAMBONI 10 Points

Get 80% or more on P-bot's cleanup mini-game.

Ambiguous Duo 25 Points

Defeat Stamper & Jeff.

BFFs 25 Points

Best Friends Forever! Beat the game with both Tom and Dan.

Hollow Weiner 25 Points

Beat the game in Halloween Mode.

Nose Diver 25 Points

View every game-over ending (1 for each wave).

Zombiieez! 25 Points

Eat 5 brains in one game.

Finesser 50 Points

Beat the game without using bombs.

King of the Portal 50 Points

Send the game's final boss back to the abyss.

Kitty Litter 50 Points

Defeat the Kitty Krew without taking any damage.

Vegan 50 Points

Beat the game without eating any guts.

Over-achiever 100 Points

Beat the game at least once with all 6 characters.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!


Medals Earned: 4/14 (25/500 points)

gettin started 5 Points

defeat 5 enemies in one game

fifty dead 5 Points

defeat 50 enemies in one game

hundred dead 5 Points

defeat 100 enemies in one game

hitchhiker 10 Points

recruit one hitchhiker

soccser 64 5 Points

kick a downed bandit six times

spiky 10 Points

get spiky

full power 10 Points

maximum energy

full house 25 Points

recruit four hitchhikers

big damage 25 Points

fully upgrade your damage

ulti kill 50 Points

defeat 500 enemies in one game

MAX LEVEL 50 Points

reach level 20

MAX BIG LUCK 100 Points

get the best score in the post-max level pachinko game

minesweeper 100 Points

reach 500 points without taking damage from a mine

ONLY LEFT 100 Points

reach level 20 by only selecting the left upgrade

Sydney Shark

Medals Earned: 13/17 (375/525 points)

AirbusA380 25 Points

Take down the Airbus A380

BAEHawk 25 Points

Take down the BAE Hawk

BroadcastHeli 25 Points

Take down the Broadcast helicopter

CH46SeaKnight 25 Points

Take down the CH46 Sea Knight helicopter

CrocodileJet 25 Points

Take down the crocodile jet

DHC2Beaver 25 Points

Take down the DHC 2 Beaver

HH65Dolphin 25 Points

Take down the HH65Dolphin helicopter

NuclearRocket 25 Points

Nuke Sydney

Sailplane 25 Points

Take down the sailplane

UFO 25 Points

Take down the UFO

Zeppelin 25 Points

Take down the zeppelin

Horse 50 Points

Kill 9 horses

SkyDiver 50 Points

Kill 10 sky divers

Kayak 25 Points

Crush 10 kayaks

Orca 25 Points

Eat 60 pieces of Orca

Passenger 50 Points

Kill 30 cruise ship passengers

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Talesworth Adventure Ep.1

Medals Earned: 7/8 (130/180 points)

A Novice No More 5 Points

Solve every medium (teal) room

Noob Test 5 Points

Solve every easy (blue) room

True Adventurer 10 Points

Solve every challenging (red) room

Warrior Proper 10 Points

Solve every hard (purple) room

Glutton for Punishment 25 Points

Solve every bonus (green) room

Purveyor of Finery 25 Points

Collect all 25 gems located throughout the castle

Hoard the Hoard 50 Points

Slay the Talesworth Dragon and obtain his hoard

Thinking Things Through 50 Points

Complete the game using 5 or less Resets

The Right Turn

Medals Earned: 2/11 (10/195 points)

Head over toes 5 Points

Flip the world upside down

Hello World! 5 Points

Start the game

Getting serious 5 Points

Enable the speedrunning mode in the settings

Overshot 5 Points

Die at the end of the second level

That could've gone better 5 Points

Kill yourself using the block switch

Fully equipped 10 Points

Attach every single button

No time for nonsense! 10 Points

Don't collect any red orbs

Scrap Metal 25 Points

Win the game

Tool Assisted Cheating 25 Points

Don't touch the ground for more than 3 seconds

Any% 50 Points

Complete the game in less than 10 Minutes

The Completionist 50 Points

Collect every single red orb